Comic 19 - MAGENTALOCKE Pg. 17

18th Oct 2020, 11:25 PM in CHAPTER 2
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Author Notes:

sunburstblue 18th Oct 2020, 11:25 PM edit delete
Another rival battle under our belt. :)

- As much as Magenta wants to kick Blue's butt when he talks big, she's not the type to enjoy putting others down. She's aware that last time they battled he was more upset by his loss than he'd admit, and since they're kind-of-sort-of friends she doesn't want to make him feel even worse
- Lots of birds on this page. Just wanted to point that out. Pidgeotto are fun to draw
- All and all, I'm happy with how pages 16 +17 turned out. I did some experimenting with panel layouts and action shots and I'm really pleased with them!


solaris127h 19th Oct 2020, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
Oh man, that's gotta double-sting for Blue to be rekt in front of his friends. Though the fact that Rocket was just chilling and watching feels forboding, I hope those Nugget Kidz (tm) weren't actually involved with them and the guy was just hanging around ;0;
gel 20th Oct 2020, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
So amazing!!!! i love this story and I love the way you draw everyone!
The Alolan PokeNerd 16th Nov 2020, 6:02 PM edit delete reply
The Alolan PokeNerd
Awww, poor Blue... D,:

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